Love Life, Zodiac Signs, And Dirty Phone Calls With Psychic Medium, Chris Medina
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Chris Medina, Psychic Medium and close friend joins Time Out With Terra. In this episode we talk about...-Chris Medina, a different kind of psychic medium-Terra's love life-Gemini's -a mini reading for Terra-Sex phone calls Meet Chris Medina Get ready for a different kind of psychic. Real, raw and unfiltered, Chris Medina — the “Howard Stern of psychics” — represents a whole new brand of spiritual influencers. A natural-born psychic coming from a long line of Apache Native American psychics, Chris Medina started giving informal readings at the age of 3 and spent his time as a young adult gaining confidence in his abilities. Throughout his life, Chris also has been able to communicate with spirits and those who’ve passed on. In his late 30s, Chris Medina’s guides told him it was time to start on his path, and he began giving psychic and medium readings full-time. Since then, Chris has been featured on a number of major publications, podcasts or television broadcasts. Chris is also the host of “In Your Head With Chris Medina”. His ultimate goal is to offer “no b******t” spiritual advice that helps the masses overcome their blocks to evolve their lives – and souls.Chris Medina's Website http://www.chrismedina.guideIG @psychicchrismTwitter @PsychicChrisM In Your Head Podcast*Just a warning I wouldn't listen to this episode with the kids and this is more of girl talk with one of my besties. The Hair lounge Salon & Boutique
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