Jeremy Hunt and the NHS: master negotiator or out of his depth?
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Denis Campbell assesses whether Hunt’s experience as health secretary warrants him becoming the next prime minister. Plus: Dan Milmo on the Deutsche Bank job cuts. Help support our independent journalism at
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The Tory leadership hopeful has long attempted to hold down careers in both politics and journalism. As he hopes to take over as prime minister, his biographers Sonia Purnell and Andrew Gimson look at what his career in newspapers says about his character and abilities for the top job in UK...
Published 07/16/19
The public expect police to pursue bad guys, but a shocking tally of recent deaths has exposed the risks involved. Tom Lamont discusses how the death of Matthew Seddon could change how we think about police chases. And: Sirin Kale on sexist dress codes. Help support our independent journalism at...
Published 07/15/19
The first stop and search Jamal ever experienced was when he was 11 years old. Now, at 24, he has been stopped numerous times. Most recently, a stop became aggressive and he was hit in the face with handcuffs, but was charged and convicted with assaulting an officer. There is little evidence stop...
Published 07/12/19