Arcfield's CEO Kevin Kelly | Satellites, Communication = Freedom, Technology, & National Defense
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On this episode (NUMBER 300!), we welcome Kevin Kelly, the CEO of Arcfield on the podcast and it was a GREAT conversation about all-thiings space. We discussed satellite technology, and how valuable the freedom to communicate is for space and humanity. Beaming the internet from space has brought space into the domain of war and national defense, so we were glad to have Kevin on to explain. We learn about the high standards that intelligence equipment and satellites (and communication) go through before launch. And we dive into some thoughts about SpaceX's Starlink (and any satellite) is changing the way we all look at the domain of space.  We also learn Kevin's STEM origin stories, and his journey through STEM and the path to becoming a CEO of a place like Arcfield. Kevin all shares more about the people he works with, and what the mission is at Arcfield. For the right person, its an amazing innovative problem solving team to work with, and "taking on the most complex and demanding national security and space-related challenges". Learn more at Episode Topics:  Kevin shares his STEM origin story which starts as a kid tinkering and taking apart every present he got, gaining a Bachellors of Science from Penn State in Electrical Engineering, and a Masters degree from George Washington University for Systems Engineering and Engineering Management We discuss telecommunications and a breakdown of what satellite technology really is How similar Space Communications are to Terrestrial Communications The type of people behind Arcfield's problem solving for complex and demanding national security and space-related challenges Opinions on the influence of Starlink and the growing influence of space in national defense and war What infrastructure and needs do we have to live in space routinely? With Artemis and the return to the moon, there's lots of things we take for granted here that we DO NOT have right now but NEED! Looking for a STEM job/field? Hear what Kevin Kelly their CEO says - there's more jobs than you thought! Even if you aren't an engineer or in STEM but want to be. Here's to building a fantastic future - and continued progress in Space (and humanity)! Spread Love, Spread Science Alex G. Orphanos We'd like to thank our sponsors:  Manscaped AG3D Printing Follow us: @todayinspacepod on Instagram/Twitter  @todayinspace on TikTok /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook Support the podcast: • Get 20% [email protected] + Free Shipping with promo code SPACE at! #ad #manscapedpod • Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop - • Get a free quote on your next 3D printing project at • Donate at  #space #rocket #podcast #people #spacex #moon #science #3dprinting #nasa #tothemoon #spacetravel #spaceexploration  #solarsystem #spacecraft #technology #manufacturing #aerospace #satellite #starlink #spaceX starlink #defense #spacetechnology #engineer #spaceforce #stem #listenable #arcfield 
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