Axiom 2 SpaceX Crew Dragon to Space Station: The 'Gateway' for Humanity & All-Nation Astronauts
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On this episode, we review the Axiom 2 launch and docking to the ISS after riding up on Crew Dragon 'Freedom' and a brand new Falcon 9! (A rare sight these days). Lots of great 1sts on this mission, including a great crew of four that will spend 8 total days on station before returning to Earth for splashdown. We'll also share our thoughts on why the International Space Station really is the original 'gateway' for humanity post-cold war. And with the boom in New Space business and lower cost to access space, the Space Station will usher us into the age of commercial space stations and Artemis with the Lunar Gateway! But it didn't seem like that 10 years ago...alot has happened since then... Let us know what you think, and if you have any thoughts on how influencial the space station has been, and will continue to be in its final decade of service.  Email us at [email protected] SOURCES:  -------------------------- Here's to building a fantastic future - and continued progress in Space (and humanity)! Spread Love, Spread Science Alex G. Orphanos We'd like to thank our sponsors: • Caldera Lab • Manscaped • AG3D Printing Follow us: @todayinspacepod on Instagram/Twitter  @todayinspace on TikTok  /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook Support the podcast:  • Get 20% OFF at Caldera Lab - use code SPACE or go to  • Get 20% OFF@manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code SPACE at! #ad #manscapedpod #sponsored  • Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop -  • Get a free quote on your next 3D printing project at  • Donate at #space #rocket #podcast #people #spacex #moon #science #3dprinting #nasa #tothemoon #spacetravel #spaceexploration #aerospace #spacetechnology #engineer #alien #stem #listenable #iss #alienlife #astronomy #astrophysics (0:00) Introduction to today’s episode.  (2:02) Today’s Topic.  (3:17) The axiom 2 mission took off.  (5:26)The last time a Saudi astronaut went to space was in 1985.  (7:35)Peggy Whitson is dominating time in space, and it’s a busy time.  (12:24)Blue Origin and the Elon Factor.   (14:23) What the International Space Station has already done as an example of humanity.  (16:06)It also provides in this next era a gateway for other nations to send their first astronauts.  (18:24)What we need more and more is people believing in something.  (20:41) The boom of progress in the space industry.   Timestamps generated by AI (
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Published 09/04/23
Published 09/04/23