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Meghan and Josh are back with and exciting Season 3! Given the current health climate, this season will serve as a voice of reason amongst the chaotic messaging out there and empower you to take control of your health. Join best-selling author and nutritionist Meghan Telpner and her husband Josh Gitalis, a Functional Medicine Practitioner, as they tackle important and urgent topics using evidence-based information in an in-depth, honest, engaging, fun-filled and inspiring way. Be sure to subscribe to Today Is The Day Podcast to keep up to date with the episodes are they're released! Catch up on Season One & Two:
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There’s a lot of talk in the health world about preventing conditions or diseases before they start, but what does that actually mean and look like in everyday life? Today’s topic is a big one – we’re defining one of the most critical bits of natural health and that is prevention. Often...
Published 05/31/21
It’s true that beauty comes from deep inside of us – and from a culinary nutrition perspective, what we eat and our lifestyle habits can either help or hinder the health of our outer tissues. Today is the day we’re exploring how we can improve our outer layer – hair, skin, nails without the need...
Published 05/24/21
Empowering children with health education and culinary skills can help teach them the know-how they can use throughout their lifetime. Today is the day we’re talking about how to support a child’s healthy relationship with food, and how to get kids into the kitchen.  SHOW NOTES:...
Published 05/17/21