In this show I am talking with Michael Filewood about the history of the Yamanote Line and how it evolved as a cargo hauler to the life line of the city today.
Published 03/29/21
These are some of the common sense mistakes that I feel all the time from people who are looking for a job in Japan. 
Published 03/26/21
In this episode, Tokyo Podcast’s host Anthony Joh discusses his move back to Canada, how it will impact the show, and some recommended Japanese Youtubers to tide viewers over until the next episode.
Published 08/25/20
In this episode, Tokyo Podcast’s host Anthony Joh interviews a friend of his who contracted the coronavirus while living abroad in Japan. This episode will cover some basics of Japan’s healthcare, as well as what you can expect if you contract COVID-19 while living in Japan.
Published 08/11/20
On this show I talk with Josh Grisdale about his experiences of living and working in Japan while using a wheelchair.
Published 07/12/20
A fun talk with author Matt Alt about his new book, 'Pure Invention: How Japan’s Pop Culture Conquered the World' about how the accidental success of Japan's soft power initiative has shaped the world.
Published 06/29/20
How do we cope with all the changes that have happened in 2020? If you're feeling lost I discuss strategies you can use to help you find your direction and deal with the uncertainty of life. 
Published 06/21/20
For many women giving birth to their first baby can be an exhilarating but scary time. Now imagine doing that in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language. My guest today is LaShawn Toyoda who recently gave birth to her first child and joins me on the show today to talk about her experience.
Published 06/14/20
On one of my previous shows where I talked about my favourite movies that are set in Japan I mentioned the documentary film called Tokyo Idols. It’s a fantastic look into the idol culture here in Japan and I highly recommend everyone to check it out. To find out more about the idol culture in Japan I’ve invited Alice on the show. She is the head of an upcoming idol group called Maidoremi and they perform at various events around Tokyo.
Published 06/09/20
What is it like for mixed race people to live in Japan? On this show I interview three "hafus" about their experiences of living in Japan.
Published 06/03/20
Can I live in Japan without speaking Japanese? How much Japanese should I learn if I want to work in Japan? This week, Anthony answers all of these questions in one episode and shares his wisdom based on his years of living in Japan, working with Japanese clients, and traveling in Japan, all without speaking Japanese. 
Published 05/26/20
The website for my next guest promotes their service by saying “InCloud offers industry leading consulting and development services for cloud and IoT products.” Now if you don’t have any idea on what that means don’t worry, neither does anyone else in Japan and that’s why my guest today is going to make a fortune bringing Japan into the digital world. Chris Beak is the CEO of Incloud and he joins me today to talk about the growth of his business and his thoughts on being an entrepreneur in J
Published 05/18/20
For a lot of people coming to Japan for the first time can be a confusing and intimidating experience. The sheer number of people, size of the city, extensive train lines and a confusing language can make your first few days in Japan a difficult one. Now imagine doing all of that but without the ability to see what’s going on around you.
Published 05/12/20
My guest today is Yuka Ogasawara who runs a book subscription service. Osusume Books is a monthly subscription service that brings the best Japanese contemporary novels to an English audience. On this show I’m talking with entrepreneur Yuka Ogasawara about her book subscription business and the passionate group of bookworms around the world who love reading Japanese novels.
Published 05/06/20
Michael Howard is an American businessman who moved from American to Japan to work in a traditional Japanese company. His new book, 'The Salaryman' documents the trials and tribulations of trying to fit in to the Japanese Way. 
Published 04/27/20
Here’s my list of some of the best podcasts in Japan. All these shows are producing regular content with high production values and offer an interesting look into Japanese culture.
Published 04/18/20
Since we're all stuck at home under quarantine thanks to the covid, I wanted to review some of my favourite movies that are set in Japan.
Published 04/11/20
On this how I talk about why I decided to leave Japan only to return a couple years later and why starting a travel business right now was probably a dumb idea.
Published 04/09/20
If you want to come study at a Japanese language school in Japan what are your options. On this show I will review the services of GoGo Nihon vs GaijinPot Study. 
Published 11/16/18
On this show I will talk about the pros and cons of moving to Japan in your 20s, 30s or 40s.  Also old Japanese guy doesn't know how to use a computer! :D
Published 11/16/18
There's one thing about Japan that I really miss is the Japanese convenience stores. Here's seven things that you will only find in a Japanese kombini. 
Published 07/27/18
On this show Anthony talks about his return to Canada and gives you seven random tips that made living in Tokyo just a little easier.On this show Anthony talks about his return to Canada and gives you seven random tips that made living in Tokyo just a little easier.
Published 07/17/18
In this episode we guide you through the process of finding and setting-up your new home in Tokyo. The last time we spoke about renting an apartment in Japan was in Episode 49 of Season 1 - almost five years ago. With a few more Japan-based years under his belt, Anthony shares the best of his knowledge to make your apartment search as easy as possible.
Published 12/03/17
After nearly five years MIA, Tokyo Podcast is back with Series 2. If you’re one of the listeners who stuck around – thank you! Much of Series 1 is still relevant, but let’s be honest, a lot can happen in half a decade. Our host, Anthony Joh, will be leaving Japan next year, so now seemed like the perfect time to bring you some fresh, updated content. In this episode, Anthony reflects upon his time in Japan by talking about his 5 favourite - and least favourite – things.
Published 11/15/17
Starting with a simple domain name and website, Davide Rossi has built Go Go Nihon into a hugely successful company that brings students from around the world to study in Japan. 
Published 01/26/13