Andrew Panton – and Lancaster NX611 ‘Just Jane’ FULL FLAPS Pt.1
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With the Avro Lancaster celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2021, what better time to feature this iconic aircraft on Top Landing Gear. The whole of series three is built around TLG’s road trip to Bomber County, Lincolnshire, which is the base not only for the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and their Lancaster, PA474 ‘City of Lincoln’, but also for another very special Lancaster which could be joining the BBMF Lanc in the skies in the not too distant future. The aircraft in question is NX611 ‘Just Jane’, which is being restored to flight at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre at East Kirkby. It is already providing taxy runs for the public, and the hope is that one day it will carry passengers aloft in what would be the experience of a lifetime. The man behind this thrilling project is Andrew Panton, and he is our guest in this Full Flaps edition. He tells us the very personal story of how the whole thing started and just what is involved in getting a World War II heavy bomber back into the skies. There’s lots more going on at East Kirkby too, and over the course of this two-parter Andrew fills us in on everything that they’re striving to achieve. In Part II Roy, James, Jez and Rob were lucky enough to climb aboard Just Jane on the move and share their boyish excitement about getting up close and personal with not just one, but two historic WWII aircraft at this wonderful wartime airfield.  
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