NX611 'Just Jane' Avro Lancaster Interior tour and engine start up - Full Flaps Part Deux!
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Hello and welcome to our second Full Flaps episode featuring the fabulous ‘Just Jane’ NX611 Avro Lancaster based at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre. In this second bonus episode the TLG team are allowed inside the Lancaster… James takes the captains seat and is put in charge of the brakes. While Just Jane’s owner and museum visionary Andrew Panton gives us an interior tour of the aircraft and talks us through the engine start up. (whilst looking nervously at James) The episode ends with a 5 minute uninterrupted sound recording of the four Merlin engines being fired up and Just Jane taxying off. Spine tingling. The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre. is re-open now and after 2020 needs your support. Visit the museum or book your once in a lifetime, bucket list, Taxi ride experience today! Let's get Just Jane in the air once again!!!   
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