Episode 213: Act in Haste...repent with spongiform encephalopathy
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Week 60 of flattening the curve... vaccines? Have 2 but still wear masks and restrict travel and pay £500 for PCR tests. Would you have believed this a year ago? Now a pharmaceutical company have come up with a fix for the clots caused by Astra Zeneca vaccine which has killed more young people than corona virus. Of course if the vaccines had been developed properly in the first place this would not have occurred. Negligent homicide? You decide. more ugly truths are bubbling to the surface about the vaccines despite the best efforts of social media blockade. Quote: We thought the Spike protein was a good candidate to focus on with the vaccine as it is the mechanism by which it enters the cells but now we realise it is highly toxic as well including HIV sequences which may let it through the blood brain barrier and Prion sequences i.e. Mad Cow Disease aka spongiform encephalopathy. This ladies and gentlemen is what you are being injected with and now the government wants to start giving it to our children. Decades of research have shown that viruses as seasonal albeit with poorly understood triggers so the idea of a summer wave is just not true. What is true is that this is the thin end of the wedge and what was luxury 50 years ago and came to be taken for granted such as freedom of movement and cheap travel is no longer the case. What is frightening is the ineptitude and false narrative at every turn with the monster of generated public opinion ready to whip power hungry self serving politicians for either being too restrictive or not restrictive enough. And since false news is far more profitable than the truth the pendulum will always come heavily down on requiring ever worsening and complicated restrictions. We are now in an endless media generated corona soap where every episode snuffs out any glimmer of hope with another impending catastrophe. The idea of a global reset is beginning to make more sense not by politicians but by the global financial elite with mounting evidence that certain measures were being put in place before corona became in issue. The trouble with that is that global financial elite are often either narcissist Aspergers or psychopaths who by definition have little understanding of the human condition apart form how to exploit it for their own benefit and that within a narrow sphere. We will only mention Dominic Cummins en passant who is exactly a narcissist Aspergers and as such may be brutally effective in certain urgent situations but who has no self awareness or understanding of how to play the long game. At least the charming psychopath Boris Johnson has worked out how to be liked which is one of the two requirements to stay in power. How for instance can DC utter the phrase to the parliamentary select committee : what system is it that gives a choice between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn? He was the former's chief advisor. Instantly branding himself an unprincipled hypcrite. Furthermore what was the point of him who has worked in politics telling a group of politicians that the politicians he worked for are self serving disorganised liars when everyone knows that all politicians are like that. Is there no truth out there? Perhaps Green Initiatives and electric cars? Think again. All current green initiatives are either too inefficient or more toxic for the environment than petrol or nuclear power. The end of V8 petrol cars? Jeremy Clarkson would turn in the Top Gear grave.
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