Episode 215: Imperial College have misled the UK. The two most important questions to ask yourself to improve.
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Imperial College with the best minds in the world came up with two models about lock-down , applied one to UK data and the other to US data. The UK model shows lock-down saved 3 million lives -and published it in Nature and the US model shows it has no effect. If you apply the model sent to the US to the UK data you also are left with the result that lock-down does not work. But it is the the original UK model which was published in Nature. Of course if Nature knew this then they are complicit with Imperial college in fraud or at least failure to disclose all the results. We touch on the fact that although you are 10 times more likely to go to A+E with covid if you are not double vaccinated , once you get there you are 5 times more likely to die if you have have been double vaccinated. There is also data that shows that in the UK and US the average life span has dropped by 2-3 years in the last year. However since the average age of a covid death is more than the average life span then the drop in life span has not been due to COVID. ie lockdown and vaccines have been killing us possibly. The causative agent in the Astra Zeneca clots has been found to the chimpanzee adenovirus vector. One company is fixing this at the moment. So what about all the embolus deaths? Greater good the government cries. We say : Who are you to decide you lives and who dies? We suggest it is not your place to play God and that you have murdered through negligence and self interest those people. Furthermore with an Absolute Risk Reduction of 1% the vaccines do not work in any case. We conclude that the Crononavirus nonsense over the last year is a severe symptom of political correctness which is a champion for the mediocre , a clarion cry for the mediocre to rise and cause division and discontent and suppress those more capable from doing better. Meanwhile Mat Hancock the ex Health Minister has been allowed to resign for having an affair with a married woman whom he chose to work for him at the tax payers expense while he is also married with two children who have had to watch the video of him pawing the lady's glutes on television while ordering everyone else to socially distance and not hug. Yet in the same breath members of the public are fined £10000 for having coffee together or threatened with 10 year jail terms for breaking quarantine. Not only does the mind boggle but we ourselves are being used as an excuse. In case corona by some long shot actually gets out of hand the government can absolve themselves and say that they did everything they could to protect us but we weren't having it. Of course this is the result of democracy which at its best is rule of the rabble but in reality also has media and social media misinforming everyone. How can anyone with a vested interest to win an election and who has to make themselves likeable enough to be voted for be qualified to actually lead? Most true leaders are groomed and tutored from an early age. Otherwise we get the nonsense of 3 years of Brexit chaos and now covid. We finally sooth the fevered brow of our audience with the two of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself to improve your life: What is the reality now ? (not what do I want it to be or what do I worry it could be ) Is what I am doing now or about to do now making me weaker ? From the murky swirling rainbow colour waters of our illusionary goals and social media lives will emerge crystal clear self awareness and the opportunity for control and responsibility. Is it a crazy idea to expect less?
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