Episode 217: The reason for now. Mental Health in Lockdown.
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Mental Health in lock-down is actually an acceleration of the decline over the last 20-30 years. The Royal College of Psychiatry raised a sentinel flag that something was up with their defeat depression campaign in the 1990s. Since then even up to 2 years ago there are papers published in the Lancet saying that depression continues to be a major epidemic and that doctors should be prescribing more antidepressants. They have missed the point. It is not depression it is the fact we are all becoming more unhappy stressed and anxious. The reason is that we are unsuited to modern life and because of the destabilising and toxic effect of social media. Make no mistake . Herd behaviour is almost always bad. At its simplest level it is seen in riots or mob lynchings. You hardly ever see a crowd driven act of charity or of goodness because that does not rally emotion. Emotion is most effectively triggered by fear. Gossip focused on shock value not on praise. We are therefore a product of our times in every way. For instance we blame the media for mis-informing us but they are simply self serving. If reporting fairly and accurately on events was what the masses wanted that is what they would do. The masses want entertainment. Look at the Roman Colosseums with gladiators and wild animals or Spanish bull fighting. The media just feed the mass public emotional appetite. Unfortunately technology exponentially accelerates that making something globally viral in seconds. So we get a toxic monster feeding on itself and growing with no stop button of which the latest manifestation is corona hysteria which subjugates democratically elected governments who appease the beast Modern democracy is nothing but avoidance of responsibility and seeking of credit. Thus 18 months ago the British government responded to Corona virus using 40 years of WHO planning and protocol and dropped it quicker than you can bat an eyelid in the face of the growing monster of social media driven toxic public narrative which then feeds on itself approving that which fits in with it and rejecting anything which does not. At its most simple it is how cavemen survived but this is exactly why humans need clear leadership and identity to maintain order and harmony and stop emotion driven chaos from running amok. How do we reach a stage where at one point it was legal to play tennis with your wife but not to have sex with your wife according to official guidelines or to be told go on holiday as long as you have been double jabbed but there is the possibility that while you have perfectly complied and are away that everything can be reversed and you cannot enter your own country without paying £1600 to stay is a substandard quarantine hotel . In more sensible days this would be called prison. We also give notice that vaccines according to the WHO definition of a pandemic are now illegal as they are experimental and since the WHO has recommended PCR amplification cycles be dropped from 34 to 25 then there has never been a pandemic because you would never have found the cases with the testing. This means that every single vaccine death is negligent homicide let alone the young people suffering from long term side effects. We need identity and leadership and that is not by democracy any longer. In the absence of that we are heading to chaos and riots and long term recession. A conspiracy with ostensibly some kind of plan would be preferable.
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