Nash Egerton on Directing MR INBETWEEN, THE SQUARE and Stunts {AUSTRALIAN PSYCHO}
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As one of the principal filmmakers behind the collective Blue-Tongue Films, Nash Edgerton is one of the great heroes of modern Australian film & tv so of course, we had to get him in for the Australian Psycho miniseries. Currently, he's directing the final season of our favourite show Mr Inbetween. He's also directed the great Australian thriller The Square and worked in stunt work in some of the most hectic action films of all time (Stars Wars Prequel Trilogy, The Matrix Trilogy to name just a few). This is a real cool chat for a couple of crummy film nerds like us so please enjoy xx NEXT UP: Bad Boy Bubby... truly a psycho film. Join our Patreon for just $5 to get access to our spin-off TOTAL RESPECT.... During the Screenagers miniseries, we're going year by year picking our favourite films from when we were in high school. SIGN UP Future art for TOTAL REBOOT comes from TIM BENGOUGH FINDING DESPERADO - Subscribe on APPLE PODCAST or SPOTIFY or listen on ABC SUBSCRIBE to the official NETFLIX podcast hosted by Alexei Toliopoulos THE BIG FILM BUFFET   See for privacy and opt-out information.
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