Part 3: Menus from March to November with food writer Olia Hercules
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In Part Three Lori and Laura delve into what a season at Towpath looks like, from their opening day in March where everyone bundles up to survive the cold, onto the first warm weekend of spring when customers flock to Towpath to enjoy the long-forgotten sunshine, to the final days in November, where fireworks, dancing and festivities mark the end of the season. Laura is also joined by chef and food writer Olia Hercules to discuss their favourite dishes and the secrets behind some of Towpath's best recipes, including confit garlic and goat's curd, beetroot borani, crispy lamb with hummus, braised cuttlefish and more.  They're also joined by the talented photographer Joe Woodhouse, who documented Towpath over the last ten years for their recent book Towpath: Recipes & Stories, alongside photographer Scott MacSween.  Pick up their new book Towpath: Recipes & Stories from or your favourite bookstore. Follow Lori De Mori on insta @towpathlolo and Laura Jackson @towpath_laurajackson.  You can find Olia Hercules on insta @oliahercules and Joe Woodhouse @table_top_joe. The producer is Hester Cant.
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