Published 10/14/21
I sit down with race director Myke LaBelle to rehash the most epic weekend of 2021! I raced the Double - 107ish km on Friday night and 28km on Sunday. Find out how many cougars I saw, and how much I hated Myke half way through. If you're looking for a super challenging race with all of the elevation, views, and technical terrain - this is it.  Check out the race: Finlayson Arm 28/50/100 More from me @hilsport55 More from Myke @coastline.endurance
Published 09/30/21
Katie loves to run, ride, and row super long distances. She recently finished her latest run adventure - running 11 ultras in 11 days to raise funds for 11 clean water projects. She is also the youngest person in the world to row solo across the Atlantic, spending 70 days alone at sea. Before all of these adventures, she was told that "You don't look like I could do that" because she's not your typical rail-thin runner or athlete.
Published 09/23/21
At 62 years old, Norma Roberts came second woman and 17th overall in a time of 33:37:49 at Badwater 135. She set a new course record for her age group. She is one badass runner, and super fun to chat to!  For old episodes of TRW - find us on Patreon at TRW Patreon Find more from me @hilsport55
Published 09/16/21
Myke raced both road and trail as a young adult, running everything from a sub 3 hour marathon to an insanely fast 50mile. We chat about his struggle with anxiety as the stress of running started to build up, and how he found a way to stay involved in the trail running community. He's now the race director of the Finlayson Arm 28km/50km/100km in Victoria. This 100km has 6000 meters of elevation (20 000 feet), and is known to be the 100km that runs like 100miles, because it's downright savage.
Published 09/02/21
Lindsay Cristante is a runner, elementary school teacher and mom of two boys in beautiful Victoria BC. On June 5 she ran her first 100k with a goal of fundraising $100,000 for a former student with Muscular Dystrophy. Donate for Quinn here: https://gofund.me/90355754
Published 08/19/21
Just when you thought Trail Tips couldn't get any better, we added Cory. We talk imposter syndrome, toe nails, training, gear, and life on the trails. You'll jog away from this episode feeling uplifted and confident, and wearing the coolest sunglasses. www.goodr.com/trw discount code TRW for 15% off. 
Published 08/12/21
Amber started running in 2017 when she joined a group gym to train for a Spartan race after losing about 100 pounds. She wanted to work towards a new goal since my weight loss goal had been met and I wanted to keep myself from gaining it all back like she had several years before. It was then that she fell in love with obstacle course racing. She is working on a PhD is in social psychology and finds herself constantly digging for the psychology in all things running.
Published 08/05/21
Dawn is an Ultra runner raising two teenagers with her husband, and working full time as a nurse in the operating room and emergency room. She loves motivating others, and has found that her running achievements have given her the ability to do that.
Published 07/29/21
Brittany is the host of the Mom Sweat Sanity Podcast and a sports nutritionist. We chat real food vs sports nutrition, protein requirements for female athletes, running fasted, and if that glass of wine affects performance. 
Published 07/22/21
Leslie is a former competitive Track and Field athlete, and is now  a Health & Strength Coach and Mobility Specialist. She works specifically with the female body in health, training & nutrition. She answers listener questions on strength and mobility for runners, female hormones and training, and how to become a stronger more resilient runner. She's a wealth of knowledge and a total badass! 
Published 07/08/21
I'm here today with a local hero, Cory Jennermann! Listen in for amazing running tips like how to find your robot legs, and how to use that song that's stuck in your head to make you faster.  Cory began running in 2004; barely making it over the line of the Victoria Times Colonist 10K. He was lucky enough to stumble into the killer run scene that is Vancouver, and now regularly competes (against himself) in a wide variety of endurance events.
Published 07/01/21
I'm back with Alyx and Alyssa from the Coaches on the Run podcast. We answer listener questions on  pregnancy and postpartum running including everything from outside pressure while pregnant, body image, to how to jump back into running. 
Published 06/24/21
The Trail Tips episode all about body image. We answer questions and share your comments and stories. Why are comments always about size and not about what your body can do? Does your body feel different after having a baby? 👶 Is it a mental battle to wear spandex shorts? Why do we care about all this crap anyways? We cover it all. 
Published 06/17/21
Tara is insanely smart, successful, and fast. She's also just an all around nice person and awesome to chat to. She cover everything from her career in environmental science to her battle with breast cancer. 
Published 06/10/21
I chat with Molly from @ConsummateAthlete to go over our top Trail Running Tips for anyone brand new to the trails. Molly is a total badass runner, cyclist, and author.  More from me @hilsport55
Published 06/03/21
Aneta (Nettie) grew up in Poland, but has been living in the US since 1999. She is a total badass and an amazing runner! Nettie has finished fifteen 100 mile races including HURT 100 in Hawaii, and in April 2021 completed her first 200 mile race.
Published 05/27/21
We had a great response to the Trail Tips relationships episode, so we decided to ask those same questions from a man's perspective. Here is my husband Andy on running and relationships.  Find me @hilsport55
Published 05/20/21
I loved speaking to Yana!! She's awesome, positive, and inspiring. Yana has established herself as a leading fitness and running expert. A number of corporations, race directors, event organizers, brands, as well as print and online publications have sought out her written work. You will love her. 
Published 05/13/21
Julie has been running long distance for more than 20 years. After running Boston in 2012, she turned to ultras as a new challenge and has been mostly running in the trails ever since. We chat about how the pandemic has helped evolve her lifelong running journey. 
Published 05/06/21
How to go from road to trail smoothly (hint- it won't be). Tory and I offer our best advice on how to tackle the trails including questions on crewing, rest days, and cross training. Can hiking count as rest? Can skiing count as training? 🧐
Published 04/29/21
Whitney works with clients on the transformation of their negative thoughts, mindset, and running habits. She grew up a competitive swimmer before finding running. After working through her own negative mindset she's now a huge believer that mindset it king!  More from me @hilsport55 Get your goodr sunglasses at 15% off! Goodr.com/trw discount code TRW
Published 04/22/21
Vanessa changed her life through health and fitness. She originally started at a highest weight of 264.2 pounds and has become a multi marathon runner, going from 264.2 pounds to 26.2 miles. She picked up running and fitness as an adult, and it completely changed who she is and her outlook on life .  Though she started out  on a weight loss journey, what she learned and who she has become in the process is so much more. 
Published 04/15/21
Linda is an accomplished trail runner, a powerlifter, a mom, and above all, a force to be reckoned with. We dive into her exceptional return to running after pregnancy, taking on new challenges, and her insight into everything from burnout to body issues. This is not an episode to miss! First played in April 2019, where does the time go?  Find her @robbinsreed  More from me @hilsport55 Help support the podcast at Patreon - click here! Now with bonus strength workouts
Published 04/08/21
This episode was SO FUN! I got to chat with Alyssa and Alyx from the Coaches on the Run podcast to discuss the top 5 things we have learned from podcasting. These two women are smart, hilarious, and really great coaches. This is an episode you don't want to miss!
Published 03/29/21