Emma: My first 100km
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Emma just completed her first 100km. She talks about how she prepared mentally & physically, how she got through the lows, and the importance of your support crew.  Emma has always been an athlete. After suffering multiple head injuries she had to take a step back to reevaluate her relationship to sports. Eventually she found trail running and things have escalated  quite quickly from there!  For a backlog of episodes find us on Patreon HERE  Use discount code TRW at Naakbar.com for 15% of Naak Nutrition!  Simple Feast  a meal delivery service with certified organic, locally sourced plant-based meals. Get three delicious meals in your first meal kit with $35 OFF,  using promo code MORETRAILS  Use code TRW15 at goodr.com/trw for 15% off your fav sunglasses! 
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Published 05/12/22
Published 05/12/22
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