Clare W: Run what you want, eat what you want
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Life's too short to think about muffins all the time. Clare has both been a runner and worked in the running industry for over a decade and has come full cirlce on how to view body image and diet culture. She's now running the distances she wants, feeling strong, and can spend her brain power on important things instead of worrying about muffins.  FREE Spartan Race ENTRY! All you need to do is  post a video or photo of yourself training for your SpartanRace and use the hashtag #spartantrail tag @spartan and @hilsport55 and I'll DM you the code :D  For a backlog of episodes find us on Patreon HERE Use discount code TRW at for 15% of Naak Nutrition!  Use code TRW15 at for 15% off your fav sunglasses! 
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Published 08/11/22
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