Brittany is crazy. She will run until she can't, and loves it. She recently finished 100miles in 24 hours, around a track. She dives in to the mental and physical toughness it takes to keep on going around and around, and why she only eats things that start with P.  More from her @brittacarey More from me @hilsport55 Get your goodr sunglasses at 15% off! Goodr.com/trw discount code TRW Help support the podcast at Patreon - click here! Now with bonus strength workouts 
Published 02/25/21
Alyx is a total badass! We dive deep into life as an athlete, fertility, and body image. She ran in high school and one semester of college, became a personal trainer out of college, and a fitness bodybuilder. She also did mma and boxing for a few years competitively, it was a great way to help pay rent while going to school. She competed in bodybuilding for a decade, until she got to the top of the sport professionally. She's now an ultrarunner and coach. 
Published 02/18/21
Tory and I answer listener questions and discuss her return to running after the pubis injury. She is back to structure and looking for big goals to focus on! (kidding). We had a lot of feedback that people were feeling a bit anxious with the return to racing, so we talk about feeling overwhelmed with training, uncertainty, and pressure. 
Published 02/11/21
Molly Hurford is someone I want to be friends with.  She is a journalist in love with all things cycling, running, nutrition and movement-related. When not outside, she’s writing about being outside and healthy habits of athletes and interviewing world-class athletes and scientists for The Consummate Athlete podcast and website, and most recently launched the book ‘Becoming A Consummate Athlete.' 
Published 02/04/21
It took about 6 marathons for Shelby to call herself a “runner.” She dabbled in sports in high school: lacrosse, swimming, sailing, a teeny bit of field hockey, she tried hard, but was pretty bad. Often the winner of the “spirit award” because of her positive attitude and poster making obsession. Once she finished university Shelby found the trails and her true calling, super long endurance. She's recently finished her first 100 miler and a successful FKT attempt at Backbone Trail. 
Published 01/28/21
Sherri's goal is that Clydesdale runners know they belong in the race too. This 57 year old badass is now launching her Mental Stamina and Race Prep coaching to make sure the back of the pack is represented and cared for. She's completed Javelina 100k, Survivorfest 24 hour, and Beaudry Fall Classic 48 hour. Sherris is a real delight and I'm sure you're going to love her! 
Published 01/21/21
onus episode! This is my interview with Mason on The Adventure Sport Podcast. Mason is great and this was a total blast.  Fine me on insta @hilsport55 Check his podcast out here:  https://www.adventuresportspodcast.com/2020/12/ep-686-trying-every-sport-in-world-to.html 
Published 01/16/21
Sarah grew up in Northern Wisconsin and ran throughout school, eventually earning a scholarship to Bradley University where she competed in cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track. She was very successful both as a runner and academicaly, but also suffered from an eating disorder that plagued her throughout her time there.
Published 01/14/21
Megan Flanagan is an avid trail runner, strength and running coach, and the Founder of Strong Runner Chicks, an online community and podcast created to educate, empower and connect women runners.  More from me @hilsport55  More from Megan @Strongrunchicks Strong Runner Chicks Website: http://www.strongrunnerchicks.com  Help support the podcast at Patreon - click here! Now with bonus strength workouts  Check out the Ice Runners at korkers.com/trwpodcast  with coupon code "TRWPODCAST" for 10
Published 01/07/21
Tory and I get together to chat about our top 10 must haves! We go over our favourite gear and the secret essentials. We talk packs, shoes, clothes and headwear. Bonus, what songs are necessary for aggressive spin classes and how many Everests did Tory climb during walking club!? More from me @hilsport55 and more from Tory @To_scho Help support the podcast at Patreon - click here! Now with bonus strength workouts 
Published 12/31/20
This year I sit down with my parents to discuss fitness and longevity, kids in sports, and parenting athletes. Janet & Bill give insight on how to raise a happy kid and keep playing sports fun at any level.  We also chat about staying active as you age and use my dad's mom as an example. She turns 103 this week. Her siblings are 95, and 97. More from me @hilsport55 Help support the podcast at Patreon - click here! Now with bonus strength workouts 
Published 12/24/20
Julia is a force to be reckoned with. She began running only 5 years ago, and quickly caught the endurance bug. In 2020, Julia was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. The COVID-19 crisis complicated matters as she had to navigate the healthcare system and help ensure the financial security of her company, Vision Advertising, during the crisis. Find out how she's kept up with training, leading a company, and long term goals while fighting cancer. 
Published 12/22/20
Ben is a remarkable young person as both an athlete and a coach, and a pleasure to speak with.  He represented Australia as a junior at the World Mountain Running Championships and immediately wanted more. He made a very rapid step up in distance after that, running his first ultramarathon when he was 19, and just a few years later he won a bronze medal in the Skyrunning World Championships in the Ultramarathon. 
Published 12/17/20
How come some people can run all year-round and don't seem to get injured or tired? What if I've stopped completely, how do I get my mojo back? What if I'm anxious to come back after an injury, trying to get pregnant, or just lost my motivation completely? Tory and I dive into these questions and much more. 
Published 12/10/20
Zoe opens up about her life as a runner after getting cut from the XC team in high school, struggling with body image, and a major DNF at the Leadville 100 in 2018. She's now crushing races  including finishing 1st female a the War Eagle 50k in 2016/2017, 1st female Crested Butte 100k, Overall unsupported FKT on the Buffalo River Trail and the women's FKT on Capitol Peak.  More from me @hilsport55 More from Zoe @carrot_flowers_z
Published 12/03/20
Dena had to overcome some of the toughest things a child could go through. Instead of letting it get her down, she found running and became one of the most positive and inspirational people I've spoken to. The mom of 8 recently finished 2 x 200mile races that were 11 days apart, coming in 3FOA and 2OA /2F. Oh, and did I mention she home schools all 8 of her children? We no longer have the "I'm too busy," excuse.  More from Dena https://www.instagram.com/denajcarr/  More from Me @hilsport55
Published 11/26/20
When Laura was a young adult she decided she needed to change her sedentary life and poor eating habits. She went from feeling stressed and over worked to racing multiple Ironmans and eventually qualifying for worlds for XTERRA. Shortly after her qualifying race her life changed. Go to Goodr.com and use discount code TRW for 15% off Goodr sunglasses!! More from me @hilsport55 More from Laura laurab_312 Help support the podcast at Patreon - click here! Now with bonus strength workouts
Published 11/19/20
Sarah opens up about body image, self-acceptance, and having to get over a near career ending injury. This girl is tough as nails with a seriously contagious energy. More from me @hilsport55
Published 11/16/20
Jackie is a nationally competitive ultra trail runner. She holds numerous female race wins and course records for trail and ultramarathon races in distances ranging from marathon to 100 miles. At her day job, Jackie studies how the brain controls how we move our bodies and how we can change our brains based on the behaviors we engage in. Yeah, she is kind of a nerd.
Published 11/12/20
Lydia is a young runner from the UK who just finished her first 50km ultra in crazy weather. She talks about how she's fallen in love with running and how she's managed to keep it up while juggling life as a mom, a law student, and a model. She's now running half marathons while pushing her young son in the buggy as a casual training run. Her story is both inspiring and full of useful tips on how to fit it all in.  More from Lydia @lydiawhgibson More from me @hilsport55
Published 11/05/20
Katie and I take on the Hudson's Bay Company Trail and try to set a new female FKT. The previous record was 12:50, so we were stoked with an 11:35 finish. This is a compilation of pre run prep and post run debriefing. You can find more about this run here https://www.instagram.com/p/CFTYbw4nyl0/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
Published 10/29/20
Tory is back to answer listener questions on how to get started in the trails. We cover everything from training and recovering for your first ultra, to how much time you need to take between races. We also discuss the best way to maintain fitness through the off season, when to start building back up for your next race, and how to get the most bang for your buck in the gym.  More from me @hilsport55 and Tory @to_scho
Published 10/22/20
Whitney Heins is the founder of The Mother Runners, a resource and community for moms who run to find information and inspiration to chase their dreams. She's also an amazing runner herself with some huge goals. We talk about how to cope when forced to take time off and deal with injuries, and how to keep the joy in running.  More from me @hilsport55  Follow her on Instagram, PInterest, and Facebook at @themotherrunners.  
Published 10/15/20
I'm so stoked to air our first male story! Peter is a gem of a human and an outstanding runner. He's made it through life threatening accidents, intense family stress and personal issues to find peace in the trails at 38 years old. More from me @hilsport55 THANK YOU to everyone finding us on Patreon - now with bonus strength workouts for those who support the show! Click here to support the TRW podcast
Published 10/08/20
Jessica grew up with a severely mentally ill mother. Her story is gut wrenching, and yet here is another guest who came out stronger. THANK YOU to everyone finding us on Patreon - now with bonus strength workouts for those who support the show! Click here to support the TRW podcast More from me @hilsport55 
Published 10/01/20