Structural Dissonance Defines The Internet
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Listen now | This week we’re going deep on a term Luke coined a few episodes ago: “structural dissonance”. It’s that feeling you get seeing images of the invasion of Ukraine in the same content feed as memes, viral animals, lifestyle influencers, or video game playthroughs. It defines the internet, but it also defines kind of our entire current existence. It’s confusing and weird and is breaking our brains and making it harder to understand actual reality. As you can tell, this week’s episode is very light. This is a public episode. Get access to private episodes at
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We’re back with one more installment about NFT scammers and hijacked Twitter accounts. We learned a heck of a lot over the last week. We heard from all kinds of people who have lost access to their social media accounts this way and have a few more answers about what’s actually going on here....
Published 06/23/22
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Published 06/16/22
Published 06/16/22