Were These Twitter Accounts Hijacked By NFT Scammers?
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Full disclosure: We had a whole plan for this episode and then things went insanely off the rails when we discovered something kind of shocking? What it looks like has happened is that several South American E-sports players, a professional soccer player, and a Welsh arts correspondent are either all shilling random NFTs in the exact same way or all had their accounts taken over? We have a lot of questions and not a ton of answxers. But this episode is honestly an absolutely wild journey. Also, Luke talks about a really viral tweet he had. We have reached out to all parties mentioned in this episode for comment and haven’t heard anything back yet. SHOW NOTES Jacob Silverman’s initial tweet Eryl Crump’s Twitter account Eryl Crump’s official author page Marcelo Sarvas’ Twitter account @TheChl0e’s Twitter account Tweet from the Black Dragons mentioning @TheChl0e @blk9_r6’s Twitter account This is a public episode. If you’d like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit www.thecontentmines.com/subscribe
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