Dead Platform Summer #4 - Foursquare
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It’s the end of our summer minisodes! We’ll back to our normal nonsense the week of August 22th. Until then, enjoy our look back at foursquare. Turns out Luke was a Foursquare mayor guy and Ryan really loved using it to get slightly cheaper brunch. We also discovered that Foursquare stopped being fun in both New York and London for the exact same reason — hyper-obsessive weirdos started using it too much. (Cover art courtesy of the Midjourney AI.)
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This week we’re looking forward at the US midterms and the upcoming Brazilian presidential election by looking back at how Meta’s platforms played a role in both four years ago. It may feel like nothing’s changed, but it also feels like we’re in a completely new online world. So we’re curious...
Published 09/23/22
Published 09/23/22
We’re talking about the Queen of England’s death this week. We’re talking about the totally bizarre reactions the American media had and the even more bizarre reactions British society had. Also, yes, we also talk about Tumblr’s reaction. Luke also breaks down the difference between the magic...
Published 09/15/22