What If The Metaverse Looked Like The Minecraft YouTuber Fandom?
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We've got a lot of big topics in this week's show: the metaverse, Web3, the Penis SMP, ARGs. It's all very complicated! And Luke really doesn't like most of it — or at least thinks it's dumb as hell. But we're trying to imagine a non-corporate internet that is as immersive as a video game. That's basically what we're talking about. Also, we spend A WHILE this week talking about the impending death of an alpaca in England.
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Welcome to our third vacation episode. We’re talking about the best social media platform ever created, which is Vine, of course. It was like animated GIFs, but with sound. It changed everything. RIP in peace, Vine. Also this is the dog in the car Vine that Ryan was babbling about. This is a...
Published 08/05/22
We’re back with another vacation minisode. We’re talking about the dead platform to end all dead platforms. The one, the only Myspace. It’s responsible for more bad haircuts than another other website possibly. It also profoundly altered the way we think about the internet and in many ways set...
Published 07/28/22
Published 07/28/22