Is ‘OK Boomer’ OK?, Impeachment Hearings Begin, MORE Feral Hogs, Sonic the Hedgehog Redesign, Michael Bloomberg and Deval Patrick enter 2020 Race, Carrie Fisher’s Original ‘Last Jedi’ Role, Stephen Miller is Exactly What You Thought
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It's another TIDBLAST! No timecodes, sit back and enjoy ;)
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Trendos will always be friendos! *TIME CODES* 02:07 - BEVS LIKE THESE 09:28 - SECTION 1 25:05 - SECTION 2 29:36 - DRAMATIC BEANING 39:13 - WIFIVE 41:56 - OUTRO
Published 04/24/20
Published 04/24/20
Let's talk about CATS, bay-bee! Join Travis, Brent, and Courtney for a thorough WTF-ing of 2019's legendary cult film (read: flop) CATS!!! Munkustrap in and let's Bustopher... a move?
Published 04/24/20