*TIMECODES*  BEYOND THE HEAD-*LINE* 5:15 1 in 6 Millennials Has $100K? POLITICS ROUNDUP 18:33 Mega-Trumpdate Clinton vs. Tulsi TIDBITS 44:49 Brexit Update Lizzo Credits Controversy New Hocus Pocus Film WI-FIVE 50:37
Published 10/25/19
*TIMECODES* BEYOND THE HEADLINES 13:52 Disney+ is Coming POLITICS SCRAMBLY-PANTS (ROUNDUP) 41:12 Democratic Debate no. 4 AOC’s Haircut Critcized Trump’s Bonkers Letter to Turkey TIDBITS 1:13:22 Fortnite Intentionally Bricks Itself Facebook F**kery G7 in 2020 to be Held at Trump Resort WI-FIVE 1:20:21
Published 10/18/19
*TIMECODES*   3:29 – BEYOND THE HEADLINES   Scorsese Trashes MCU Ellen and George W Bush *CW Sexual Assault* New Matt Lauer Allegations   23:52 – POLITICS ROUNDUP   Mega-TRUMPDATE Bernie Sanders’ Heart Attack   40:10 – TIDBITS   FTC Says Match.com Swindled Users Poker Cheating Scandal The IRS Disproportionately Audits the Poor Elizabeth Warren… Cougar?   WI-FIVE – 51:45  
Published 10/11/19
TRUMP’S IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY BEGINS – 8:55  TIDBITS – 53:00 Phoebe Waller-Bridge DOMINATES the Emmys Do Women Prefer an Uglier Spouse? Greta Thunberg & The No-Good Very Bad Climate WI-FIVE – 1:06:42
Published 09/27/19
Published 09/13/19
It's a rare TIDBLAST episode where the stories and segments all run together! Join Brent and Courtney for an episode that gets a little more personal than usual, a little darker than usual, and a lot more about Jeremy Renner than usual!
Published 09/06/19
*TIMECODES*   BEYOND THE HEADLINES – 10:56   Spider-Man out of the MCU We’re Probably Headed for A Recession   POLITICS ROUNDUP – 35:35   Obama Warned Biden not to Run Trumpdate   TIDBITS – 53:03   ABC Fined by FCC Jay Inslee Out + 2020 Dems Update The Matrix 4 is Happening! Revisiting the Titanic   WI-FIVE – 1:03:11
Published 08/23/19
*TIMECODES*   BEYOND THE HEADLINES  6:59  Ben Shapiro Hates the Peasants “Kurbo” Weight Loss App For Kids   JEFFREY EPSTEIN 39:04  *Content Warning: Child Sexual Assault + Suicide*   TRUMPDATE 51:10   TIDBITS 1:04:17 Is “Fredo” the Italian N-Word?  Facebook Admits to Eavesdropping on You Democratic Field Has Started Shrinking   WI-FIVE 1:16:29
Published 08/16/19
Published 08/09/19
*TIMECODES*   BEYOND THE HEADLINES 5:56 Did Katy Perry Steal a Song? Mario Lopez’s Very Bad Takes   DEMOCRATIC DEBATES 33:11   TIDBITS 1:11:11 Did Antifa Vandalize Disney Trump Robot? Alyssa Wong Comicsgate Debunk Wisconsin Man in Coma … From Vaping?   WI-FIVE 19:53
Published 08/02/19
*TIMECODES*   BEYOND THE HEADLINES - 8:20   FaceApp – Harmless Fun or Russian PLOT? CATS Trailer Natalie Portman is “Mighty Thor!”   MUELLER TESTIMONY – 35:47   Or “MuellerDicks Roundup” Or “It’s Mueller Time”   TIDBITS 51:04   “Cut Homeless People in Half” DEBUNK Twitter’s New UI Everything’s Coming Up Affleck Boris Johnson, New UK Prime Minister Equifax to pay $700M Fine   WI-FIVE 1:04:12   OUTRO 1:05:55
Published 07/26/19
* T I M E C O D E S *   INTRO [With Kate Sloan] 0:29 It’s Kate! Roommates and Their Loud Sex Bevs Like These   SEGMENT 1 [With Mustin] 5:54 It’s Mustin! Trump’s Racist Anti-Squad Tweets New 007 Will Be a Black Woman?   SEGMENT 2 [With Kate Sloan] 40:17 Should We All Use They/Them Pronouns?   SEGMENT 3 [With Dave Bulmer] 51:56 It’s Dave! Viral Area 51 Movement The ‘CATS’ Movie Bearded Nodding Man GIF   SEGMENT 4 - 1:24:20 Update on Epstein + Acosta   SEGMENT 5 [With...
Published 07/19/19
* T I M E C O D E S *   BEYOND THE HEADLINES 5:15   US Women’s Soccer Team Ice Cream Licker Faced 20 Year Sentence?   DEEP DIVE – JEFFREY EPSTEIN 27:13   POLITICS ROUNDUP 53:48 Trump’s Military Parade Trump’s Coconut Bonkers Tweets MORE Marianne Williamson Tweets   TIDBITS 1:37:30 Nintendo Announces Switch Lite Eric Swalwell drops out Little Mermaid Casting Weird Melania Trump Statue   WI-FIVE 1:48:38   OUTRO 1:50:42
Published 07/12/19
BEYOND THE HEADLINES 5:19 Taylor Swift vs. Scooter Braun   POLITICS ROUNDUP 17:46 Marianne Williamson Dramatic Reading Democratic Debate No. 2   TIDBITS 54:55 Dalai Lama’s Douchey Take Charlottesville Car Attacker Sentenced Gamer Girl Bathwater
Published 07/05/19
TIMECODES:   INTRO  BEYOND THE HEADLINES 5:58 Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau Engaged Does CBD Cause Liver Damage? POLITICS ROUNDUP 21:20 Migrant Concentration Camps Trumpdate Democratic Debate #1 Analysis TIDBITS 1:34:32 Mueller Subpoenaed to Testify Tiffany Cabàn Pulls an AOC Eric Trump Got Spat On, Lol WI-FIVE 1:38:27 OUTRO 1:39:52
Published 06/28/19
INTRO 0:27   BEYOND THE HEADLINES 4:48 Stranger Things Kid’s Ill-Advised Prank Show F**k Max Landis   POLITICS ROUNDUP 45:16 To Impeach or Not to Impeach? 2020 Democratic Debates Preview   TIDBITS 1:06:35 Harvard Refuses Parkland Survivor Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency Do Body Cams Actually Help? Bill Cosby and OJ Twitter Madness   WI-FIVE 1:15:32   OUTRO 1:20:43
Published 06/21/19
INTRO 0:32   BEYOND THE HEADLINES 7:35 YouTube vs. Steven Crowder Creepy Pastor Kenneth Copeland Straight Pride Parade   POLITICS ROUNDUP 56:26 Trumpdate Man Steals Kamala’s Mic Biden’s Take on Hyde Amendment   TIDBITS 1:13:23 Delaney and Hickenlooper Booed Mercilessly Co-host Media Recommendations   WI-FIVE 1:24:36   OUTRO 1:26:28
Published 06/07/19
INTRO –  0:27   Travis is an Earthist Pro-Reality Bro Bevs Like These Travis's Back To The Future III Ted Talk Self Care Corner   BEYOND THE HEADLINES – 19:27   Uber Will Boot Bad Riders John Wick 3 Hot Priest!   POLITICS ROUNDUP – 47:57   The Nancy Pelosi ‘Deepfake’ Louisiana ‘Beartbeat’ Abortion Ban Mueller Time! … Is Technically Over   TIDBITS – 1:10:19   JK Rowling Announces Future Potter Books Mitch McConnell: The Worst Hypocrite Shane Morris Lies About Stealing...
Published 05/31/19
INTRO 0:27   BEYOND THE HEADLINES 9:31   Will ‘Aladdin’ Remake Be Good? Dramatic Reading: ‘Blue Collar Millionaire’ Game of Thrones Finale SPOILERS FROM HERE TO 42:53 Natalie Portman and Moby   POLITICS ROUNDUP 44:06   Elizabeth Warren Gets Serious Looming War With Iran? WTF Alabama?!   TIDBITS 1:00:37   Taco Bell Hotel and Resort Felicity Huffman Pleads Guilty Robert Pattinson as Batman   WI-FIVE 1:06:22   OUTRO 1:08:12   Mustin’s new album at bit.ly/touvolume4
Published 05/24/19
*TIMECODES*   INTRO - 0:27   BEYOND THE HEADLINES - 6:16   Jacob Wohl – S**thead Marijuana Breathalyzer Georgia’s Terrible Abortion Bill   TRUMPDATE - 41:39   AG William Barr Held In Contempt Trump’s Taxes Partially Released Mueller Report Update   TIDBITS - 59:19   Facebook Co-Founder Calls for Breaking it Up Andrew Yang Beats Bernie Sanders Kentucky Derby James Cameron’s Titanic Gaffe   WI-FIVE – 1:08:12   OUTRO – 1:10:10
Published 05/10/19
INTRO 0:24   BEYOND THE HEADLINES 4:43 Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Trailer Caster Semenya Forced to Lower Testosterone   AVENGERS: ENDGAME DISCUSSION (Spoilers!) 23:36   NEW MUELLER REPORT DRAMA 54:54   TIDBITS 1:04:40 Peter Mayhew Chase Bank's Terrible Tweet   WI-FIVE 1:07:47   OUTRO 1:10:07
Published 05/03/19
*TIMECODES*   INTRO 0:25 Douglas in Chile Hi, Vapor and Pure Energy Listeners Can’t Leave Out Those Ghosts Bevs Like These   BEYOND THE HEADLINES 4:17 New Star Wars Title and Teaser Playstation 5 is Coming! Notre Dame Fire WGA/ATA Dispute Bad Diets Kill More Than Smoking?   POLITICS ROUNDUP 36:15 Bernie Releases His Tax Returns Mueller Report [Mostly] Released   TIDBITS 52:32 Mike Cernovich’s Fashion Advice Aunt Becky Update Alex Trebek Update Folding Phones Already...
Published 04/19/19
INTRO 0:23   BEYOND THE HEADLINES 5:25 Discrepancies in “Finding Neverland” Documentary? Bees Found in Woman’s Eyelids Superfungus Spreading   TIDBITS 30:30 College Admissions Scandal Update Grease Prequel Fischer Price Rock n’ Play PSA CNBC’s Bad Tipping Tips   WI-FIVE 50:21   OUTRO 52:03
Published 04/12/19