3D Printing, Tools, Files, and the Future
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Isaac talks about the latest legal changes regarding 3D printed guns, as well as how and why to get into 3D printing for other purposes. Video Link: https://youtu.be/I-myjflkelg Stay connected to us here: trex-arms.com/subscribe/
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Isaac follows up on Lucas's weaponlight video with an audio-only podcast about how much has changed in the flashlight world over the last few decades, how government regulation gets us the wrong kinds of disruptions when a truly disruptive technology appears, and he digs a bit deeper into the...
Published 06/14/21
Lucas answers questions and demos different ways to set up and run weapon lights on various platforms. This another demo stream that works better as video than as audio, but check back on Monday and Isaac will try to have some audio for you. Video Link: https://youtu.be/iiZtD1KatDk Stay...
Published 06/11/21
We're trying to treat this podcast more as a real podcast than a mere backup of our YouTube Livestreams, and so we are looking forward to your thoughts on it what should be. Also, Isaac talks through some of his initial takeaways from a new new study he is doing on the history of the ATF....
Published 06/02/21