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We're trying to treat this podcast more as a real podcast than a mere backup of our YouTube Livestreams, and so we are looking forward to your thoughts on it what should be. Also, Isaac talks through some of his initial takeaways from a new new study he is doing on the history of the ATF. It's... not real good. Stay connected to us here: trex-arms.com/subscribe/
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Isaac and Lucas try to summarize the lessons they've learned from a few years of holster-making, but since we are currently retooling a few things over at the T.Rex shop in order to make better holsters, it becomes kind of a comedy of errors or trying to avoid leaks and spoilers. Video Link:...
Published 07/29/21
Isaac goes on a long weapons development rabbit trail after reading a gun control suggestion from activist Michael Cogbill. Not only do we have a right to self-defense, and a right to keep and bear arms, but the incredibly high value that civilization has placed on the availability of weapons has...
Published 07/26/21
Now that our free 3 hour long rifle training course has been up on our site for a few days,  Lucas will be taking questions about it! Oh, and before you go... "Some changes can't be made quietly. Our IWB holsters are temporarily unavailable for purchase while we finish the last major steps in...
Published 07/22/21