You Can't Stop It You Big Baby Bear
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This week Harvey Silikovitz is back and he's teaming up with Chris again. Last time they were paired up this dynamic duo was excellent together. This week they go up again the 3 person team of Jonathan, Kellie McClure, and Derick Schroeppel. Justin Wentz from Trivia:30 is guest hosting. Enjoy!
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Published 07/25/21
This week we are joined by recent 3 days Jeopardy! champion and official good deed doer at the Oakes Media Group Katie Sekelsky. She teams up with Matt Shearer against the team of Jonathan and Jeffery Nau with the legendary Chris Hollister in the host's seat. Enjoy! Sponsored by...
Published 07/11/21
This week General Cheyenne Fletcher joins us as a guest host. Jonathan teams up with his older brother Bob against the team of Nicolle Neulist and Neil D'Aguiar. Enjoy! Sponsored by BetterHelp -
Published 06/27/21