Mary Keenan O'Connor Part 1
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Mary Keenan O’Connor is a lesser-known criminal, but her case made front-page headlines after 5-year-old Nancy Gleen was found face down in a mud puddle. Mary reportedly confessed to a number of people, including a detective, that she hit Nancy for eating berries and pestering her, but she was vague on some of the details. Join Mike and Gibby in part 1 of 2 of the case of Mary O'Connor. There were rumors that Mary O’Connor confessed to the murder in her sleep. This was quickly proven false, but the details of the crime that came out were shocking and disturbing to Philadelphia residents. In this episode, we will discuss the murder of 5-year-old Nancy Glenn, Mary’s confession, and her infamous murder trial.  You can help support the show at Visit the show's website at for contact, merchandise, and donation information An Emash Digital production See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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