Spotlight Minisode 45
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In this week's Spotlight Minisode we take a look at Nkosinathi Phakathi, the man who is likely SA's most prolific serial rapist; the death of a 7-month-old baby in Australia, allegedly at the hands of his South African father, Reinhardt Bosch; and the strange case of Robin Smith who police allege faked his own death 23 years ago. (24-hr trauma helpline 082-821-3447) (Support the show on Patreon (Support the show on PayPal
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We all know that social media often masks some heavy truths, but for the victims of a serial predator who began to strike through the platform in October 2019, the mask was so well-curated that they had no idea how at-risk they were, until it was too late. (24-hr trauma helpline 082-821-3447)...
Published 12/02/23
Published 11/26/23
In the arid province of the Northern Cape, a canal brings irrigation opportunities to local communities. For all the life that runs through that water, though, an almost equal amount of death is present. (24-hr trauma helpline 082-821-3447) (Support the show on Patreon...
Published 11/26/23