22 - Becoming CEO of the Oman Convention + Finding Passion at 42
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On today's show, Said Al Shanfari, CEO of the Oman Convention & Exhibition Center, shares a story about an extremely difficult moment when he had to dig deep to gather strength which eventually landed him his CEO position. And Nadia Al Saqri battled with societal expectations after she graduated and returned to Oman which lead her to seek her passion.   Hosted and produced by Abdullah Al Maawali   Event Partners: Redbull Mobile (Om) & Oman FM (90.4). Venue: Oman Convention & Exhibition Center   Reach us on Instagram & our Website
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Published 08/14/22
Published 08/14/22
On today's show, is Zahra Bait Ishaq Oman's truest Belieber? And Hilal Talib's magic trick fails successfully. Supported by Redbull Mobile (OM) & Oman FM (90.4) Location: Oman Convention & Exhibition Center Instagram: @truestorytent Website: truestorytent.org
Published 04/22/22