Traitorous Abroad, Dictatorial at Home
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The Two Mikes discussed a number of topics without a guest. We chatted about the good chance that the Chinese could launch their next, more lethal flu at the 2022 Olympic Winter Games in China. "Listening to Two Mikes will make you smarter!” - Gov Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. Sponsors: - Our Gold Guy - Talk to IRA about whether investing in gold is right for you. Let them know Two Mikes sent you at - My Pillow - Support a true Patriot in Mike Lindell by ordering pillows and sheets. Use Promo Code TWOMIKES by calling 800-797-8492 - Freedom Phone - Break away from Big Tech and order a Freedom Phone. Promo Code COLONELMIKE - Freedom First Coffee - Drink the coffee of Patriots. Use code TWOMIKES for 10% off at - Freedom First Apparel - Look as patriotic as you feel. Use code TWOMIKES for 10% off at
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Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Tony Lyons from Skyhorse Publishers, the company that recently published Robert F. Kennedy Jr's Fauci-exposing book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. RFK Jr.'s book is available from Amazon, Barnes...
Published 01/25/22
Today, The Two MIkes were delighted to welcome back Mr. Jim Bacon, who publishes excellent articles of news and analysis of Virginia politics at his sites ,Bacon's Rebellion ( and The Blunderbuss ( Our...
Published 01/24/22