Is CRT a Simultaneous Attack on the Republic, Religion, and History?
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Today The Two Mikes spoke to several guests about the growing battle in Loudoun County, Virginia, over the use of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the county's public schools. Our guests were U.S. Marine Colonel (ret'd) and former Virginia State Senator Richard Black; Scott Mineo, founder and chief of the county's organization called "Parents Against Critical Race Theory''; and County Supervisor, Geary Higgins.
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Today, The Two Mikes spoke with lawyer Larry Klayman. Mr. Klayman discussed his work using the “Citizens’ Grand Jury" to indict people like Dr. Fauci, an event that may come next week. He also spoke about how the January 6th incident is being handled by the Democrats.
Published 08/03/21
Today, The Two Mikes received an unexpected call from Nelson Balido, who is in Texas. Mr. Balido, President of the Border, Commerce, and Security Council, reported that in the last hour or so Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order that forbids any person who is not a...
Published 07/29/21
Today, believe it or not, The Two Mikes interviewed our first sponsor, Mr. Ira Bershatsky, a leading physical precious metals dealer. Mr. Bershatsky spoke to us for about 30 minutes and provided an understandable explanation of what to expect from inflation and how long it will last, the outlook...
Published 07/28/21