Gov Bob Ehrlich: Our schools are failing because our communities are ok with failure
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Today, The Two Mikes interviewed the former Republican governor of Maryland Bob Ehrlich. Gov. Ehrlich is a supporter of Trump, and while governor reduced Maryland debt from a deficit of $4 billion to a surplus of 2.3 billion. He is now in private law practice. Gov Ehrlich comes from a blue-collar family in Arbutus, Maryland, and speaks the language and values of the lower and middle classes. Gov. Ehrlich champions reform of the public education system by using more common sense, as well as parents' desires for their children, rather than by more dollars and more noxious, leftist ideology. Governor Ehrlich maintains a strong connection with those who voted for him and those across America who share his ideas via his website:; His writings in the Western Journal:; and his Podcast: Bottom Line. Also, Gov. Ehrlich's newest book, Original, Unconventional & Inconvenient: Donald J. Trump and His MAGA Movement, will be published in November, 2021 and is available on AMAZON.
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