Tom DiLorenzo: Abraham Lincoln was a Big Government Politician
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Today, The Two Mikes welcomed back Dr. Tom DiLorenzo for a discussion on Abraham Lincoln and to mark the anniversary of the battle of Antietam on September 17th. Dr. DiLorenzo has written three excellent, highly provocative, and deeply researched books about Abraham Lincoln, and they have influenced and begun to change the understanding of Lincoln among the public and in the academy. Dr. DiLorenzo explained that Lincoln was a lawyer for corporate interests and was the chief counsel for the Illinois Central railway, a career that produced a man who favored protectionism, governmental spending to assist railroad and other industries, and a view of the central government properly operating beyond its constitutional powers and reach. --Dr. DiLorenzo writes regularly at --His books about Lincoln are: The Problem of Lincoln (Regnery History, 2020; Lincoln Unmasked (Crown Forum, 2007), and The Real Lincoln (Crown Forum, 2003) Sponsors: - Our Gold Guy - Talk to IRA about whether investing in gold is right for you. Let them know Two Mikes sent you at - My Pillow - Support a true Patriot in Mike Lindell by ordering pillows and sheets. Promo Code TWOMIKES - Freedom Phone - Break away from Big Tech and order a Freedom Phone. Promo Code COLONELMIKE - Freedom First Coffee - Drink the coffee of Patriots. Use code TWOMIKES for 10% off at - Freedom First Apparel - Look as patriotic as you feel. Use code TWOMIKES for 10% off at
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