Leo and Doris venture into Soho to watch and celebrate Eurovision! Where they met Queen Veronica Green
Published 05/24/21
It’s the queens birthday! Join us for a special podcast where we sneakily let you our audience create the content. And find out how and what Doris got up to at her appointment last week.
Published 04/26/21
Published 04/26/21
Leo and Doris talk about opening up. And there is a lot to talk about pubs are open dating is back on and world earth day is around the corner. It’s all fun and games until Doris confesses what she’s done!
Published 04/20/21
Leo and Doris decide to discuss the news, not just the immediate news but more generally. 
Published 04/11/21
Welcome to two queens in a pod. An intimate insight to a flamboyant friendship
Published 04/05/21