What is employee experience, and how does it affect the downstream user experience? Our guest today is Jen Briselli, chief design strategy officer at Mad*Pow. You’ll learn about the components of employee experience, why organizations should care to improve it, how to map the ecosystem through a service design lens, and more.
Published 07/22/22
How do you find that elusive product-market fit? In this episode, we talk to Andrew Reifman, co-founder and chief product officer at Makeswift. You'll learn why you need to get your product out there as early as possible, how to follow your gut feel in finding the fit, why you should focus on your core product, and more.
Published 07/18/22
What is customer experience, and why does it involve a multi-disciplinary team? Our guest today is Gene Lee, the Chief Experience Officer at Mailchimp. You’ll learn about the “bookends” and curating touchpoints in the customer journey, conducting experience reviews, using Voice of the Customer data to prioritize roadmaps, and more.
Published 07/08/22
How do you conduct a survey-based research project? In this episode, we talk to Becky Lawlor, founder of Sparkifico. You'll learn about the benefits of doing research content, how to identify the angle for your research, what to include when identifying your audience, tools that you can use for conducting the survey, and more.
Published 07/01/22
How do we bring fun into our work and design? Our guest today is Rafa Conde, founding designer at Along Video. You’ll learn strategies on how to design freely within bounds, elements of design that contribute to delight, tips on how to manage time with the goal of enjoyment, and more.
Published 06/28/22
How do we make the most of our data in Google Analytics? It’s free and extremely powerful, but also intimidating. In this episode, we talk to Julian Juenemann, founder of MeasureSchool and a Google Analytics expert. You'll learn how Google Analytics has evolved over the years, the benefits of organizing your data, tips when using Google's entire suite of data tools, and more.
Published 06/22/22
How can we design effectively for stressful situations, like life and death ones? Our guest today is Katie Swindler, design strategist at Allstate. You’ll learn the role of human intuition in high-stress situations, how to use visuals and sounds in life and death design, what situations warrant special design decisions, and more.
Published 06/11/22
Today we have another episode of Better Done Than Perfect. Listen in as we talk with John Doherty, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Credo and EditorNinja. You'll learn why you should first focus on the supplier side, how to reduce friction for all parties, tips for scaling marketplaces, and more.
Published 06/04/22
Can play and delight be an afterthought? Or must they be integral to a product from day one? Our guest today is Richard Ward, chief design officer at Otter.ai. You'll learn how to balance designing for delight and utility, how to bring joy to product users, ways to get design inspiration, and more.
Published 05/28/22
Today we have another episode of Better Done Than Perfect. Listen in as we talk with Steffen Hedebrandt, co-founder and CMO of Dreamdata. You'll learn about the typical customer journeys in B2B SaaS, which channels are the easiest to measure, tips for running marketing experiments, and more.
Published 05/24/22
Can designers succeed in managing products? Is it a natural path forward? Our guest today is Christian Crumlish, product consultant and the author of Product Management for UX People. You'll learn how product managers benefit from UX knowledge, how and when startups should focus on their PM efforts, tips for learning product management as a designer, and more.
Published 05/13/22
Today we have another episode of Better Done Than Perfect. Listen in as we talk with Pawel Grabowski, SEO strategist and founder of Smashing Copy. You'll learn why SEO strategy and content strategy are interchangeable in the context of SaaS, how to approach keyword research, practical tips for improving your content, and more.
Published 05/06/22
Today we explore “the allied teams” model, which combines the benefits of a design agency and an in-house team. Our guest is Anthony Armendariz, co-founder and head of design at Funsize. You'll learn how Anthony finds designers in a competitive hiring landscape, why enterprise clients still value agency work, what team structures work best within large companies, and more.
Published 04/29/22
Today we have another episode of Better Done Than Perfect. Listen in as we talk with Alan Silvestri, founder of Growth Gorilla and expert in link building. You'll learn how to keep up with your SEO competitors, how to estimate the quantity and types of links you will need, strategies for link building outreach, tools of the trade, and more.
Published 04/22/22
Why do UX writers still use different words to describe their own craft? Our guest today is Yuval Keshtcher, founder of UX Writing Hub. You'll learn how this ecosystem operates, what companies are leading the way with their guides, numerous books and resources to help with UX writing and content design, and more.
Published 04/19/22
Today we have another episode of Better Done Than Perfect. Listen in as we talk with Chris Silvestri, copywriter, designer, and founder of Conversion Alchemy. You'll learn the strategies to increase conversions on landing pages and blog posts, the power of heatmaps and usability testing, resources for further CRO learning, and more.
Published 04/08/22
How can you make the most of your customer interviews? Our guest today is Michele Hansen, co-founder of Geocodio and author of Deploy Empathy. You'll learn how to get started with customer development, how to incentivize users to participate in interviews, how to structure your calls, and more.
Published 04/05/22
How can UX designers position themselves to land the best suitable roles? Our guest today is Sarah Doody, UX researcher, designer and founder of Career Strategy Lab. You'll learn what companies look for when they are hiring designers, tips for crafting your portfolio, creative ways to scope projects before starting, and more.
Published 03/21/22
How can asynchronous conversations help us achieve work goals? Our guest today is Brian Casel, founder of ZipMessage. You'll learn why async is so important for remote workers, how it can improve your hiring process, where realtime calls still work better, and more.
Published 03/09/22
Today we have another episode of Better Done Than Perfect. Listen in as we talk with Noah Bragg, founder of Potion. You'll learn about the benefits of building in public, practical tips for producing video content, strategies for posting on social media, and more.
Published 02/25/22
What do traditional product funnels have to offer? Our guest today is Rachel Obstler, VP of product at Heap. You'll learn about the shortcomings of product funnels, how granular product data can unlock opportunities, common data science challenges, and more.
Published 02/21/22
Today we have another episode of Better Done Than Perfect. Listen in as we talk with Ekaterina Howard, a conversion copywriter and strategist. You'll learn about common SaaS copywriting crimes, how to be consistent with your messaging, how to research for the voice of the customer, how to utilize long-form content, and more.
Published 02/12/22
What frameworks can we use to guide better conversations? Our guest today is Daniel Stillman, conversation designer and executive coach. You'll learn about several conversational modes, why it is important to have conversations with ourselves, how mentorship is different from coaching, and more.
Published 02/04/22
Today we have another episode of Better Done Than Perfect. Listen in as we talk with Nicole Kow, a B2B marketing consultant and content strategist. You'll learn how to avoid a common content strategy pitfall for many companies, tips for content research, resources for improving writing, and more.
Published 01/31/22
How much work goes into organizing a successful meetup? Our guest today is Jon Setzen, creative director at Kandji and former host of CreativeMornings LA. You'll learn how to handle meetup logistics, why great volunteers are essential, how to set speakers up for success, and more.
Published 01/21/22