What’s really going on in Belgorod?
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Armed insurgents have crossed the border from Ukraine to launch attacks in Russia's Belgorod region. Two Russian paramilitary groups claim they were responsible for the largest cross-border incursion since Russia's full-scale invasion began. We explore the motives of the two groups with BBC Russia Editor Steve Rosenberg. Also, how does the BBC decide which material shared on social media is accurate and which is disinformation? We’re joined by Olga Robinson from BBC Verify, who explains the tools journalists use to sift through photos, videos and documents. Today’s episode is presented by Victoria Derbyshire and Vitaly Shevchenko. Produced by Clare Williamson with Arsenii Sokolov, Tom Smithard, Madeleine Drury and Drew Hyndman. The technical producer was Ben Andrews. The assistant editor is Alison Gee and the editor is Sam Bonham. Email [email protected] with your questions and comments. You can also send us a message or voice note via WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram to +44 330 1239480
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