Do These Bible Verses Defend Abortion?
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Every once in a while, you meet an activist atheist or “progressive” Christian who attempts to use the Bible to silence and destroy pro-lifers! Because most of the pro-life movement is comprised of Protestants and Catholics, these activists try to use what we consider the very words of God to argue for abortion. The only problem is they have no idea what they’re talking about. But we do! So join us as we examine 3 segments of scripture that secular progressives try to use against Christians to argue for abortion! 07/09/21 To help UnAborted create more pro-life content and take our content to the streets, become a Patron of the show at To help Seth reach more high school and college students through pro-life presentations around the country, become a monthly supporter at
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The Biden Administration takes orders from Planned Parenthood. Big Tech takes orders from the abortion industry and the Democrats. Big Tech. Big Abortion. Big Government. A threesome made in hell. As the Left’s oligarchy rallies to defend their greatest sacrament and censor those who dissent, we...
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Mayra Rodriguez is the former director of 3 Planned Parenthood centers, was Planned Parenthood’s 2016 ‘Employee of the Year’, and is a courageous whistleblower who won a 2019 wrongful termination lawsuit against Planned Parenthood and an award of $3M in damages. During her 17 years with Planned...
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Guess who is coming to the rescue of the Democrat Party to fight the Texas Pro-Life Law? The Satanists, who are taking legal action against Texas and arguing that abortion is a sacrament for them. The Biden administration channels their inner Legion and also sues Texas for protecting babies....
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