King Charles and the Church: The Disestablishment Debate with Dr. Jonathan Chaplin & Catherine Pepinster hosted by Roger Bolton
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This week on Unbelievable’s Coronation special Roger Bolton asks how important is the established Church of England to the fabric of life in the United Kingdom and beyond?  Does King Charles as Supreme Governor of the Church of England have divine purpose?  Academic and author Dr. Jonathan Chaplin of Wesley House, Cambridge suggests we should ditch the religious aspects of the Coronation to better reflect multicultural Britain.  Catherine Pepinster author and broadcaster argues the sacral aspects of the Coronation act as a enduring symbol of the country's heritage. Will King Charles III embrace Christianity as a guiding force in his reign? Should he forge a new path for a changing nation?  And what is the role of the established church in public life?     Catherine Pepinster is an author and expert on the history of coronations, and was editor of the Catholic Tablet journal for over 13 year. She is the author of Defenders of the Faith - The British Monarchy, Religion and the Next Coronation and explains the significance of the deeply sacred Christian event and the unifying role it can play in the nation and beyond. Dr. Jonathan Chaplin wrote Beyond Establishment - Resetting Church-State relations in England and- as a committed Christian and Anglican - proposes a radical rethinking, of the relationship between the Church and the state.   Follow Catherine Pepinster on Twitter @CPsPepTalk or her blog here   Follow Jonathan Chaplin here where he is an Honorary Fellow at Wesley House, Cambridge   Books referenced in the podcast   Catherine Pepinster's book   Dr Jonathan Chaplin's book   • Subscribe to the Unbelievable? podcast: • More shows, free eBook & newsletter: • For live events: • For online learning: • Support us in the USA: • Support us in the rest of the world:
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