Classic Replay: From Christian to Jewish to atheist – Luke Griffiss-Williams & Richard Harvey
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From 2016: Luke Griffiss-Williams has an interesting faith journey. Having been an evangelical Christian, doubts about the deity of Jesus led him to convert to Judaism. But further doubts about the historicity of the Old Testament led him to become an atheist. Richard Harvey, senior researcher with Jews for Jesus responds to Luke’s story as well as telling his own of how, as a Jew, he came to believe in Jesus as Messiah. For Luke Griffiss-Williams: For Richard Harvey: • Subscribe to the Unbelievable? podcast: • More shows, free eBook & newsletter: • For live events: • For online learning: • Support us in the USA: • Support us in the rest of the world:
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Published 12/08/23
Richard Swinburne and Philip Goff debate why are we here? Is it time we moved on from both God and Atheism, as Goff suggests in his new book Why? The Purpose of the Universe? Unbelievable Host Vince Vitale guides us through as Goff argues that the traditional God is a bad explanation of cosmic...
Published 12/08/23
From 2016: John E Sanders is one among a number of evangelical theologians such as Greg Boyd who have embraced Open Theism – the view that God does not necessarily have foreknowledge of all future events and that the future is open. Many evangelicals believe Open Theism is a heresy – denying the...
Published 12/05/23