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HIIIII, currently drinking a smoothie from Whole Foods because Whole Foods BANNEDDDDD their employees from wearing BLM MASKS!! LMFAOOOO LOVE IT. Aside from that wonderful news, the other good news is: Glenn Youngkin was sworn into office in Virginia, SCOTUS ruled the OSHA mandate unconstitutional, and it's looking like it's going to be a great year for Republicans. Bad News: Fat people run the world (listen to the episode LOL) Grab a coffee and BE UNCANCELLABLE
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Published 05/20/22
I just LOVEEEEEE how the left likes to make fun of us for caring about self defense, when meanwhile the only reason we have to defend ourselves is because THEY keep letting criminals out of prison. How about we send criminals to jail instead of living in the wild wild west? DEI (what I call DIE,...
Published 05/20/22
I FEEL LIKE WE'RE BACK IN 2020! The infographics are back, the buffoonery, the treating cops like crap, the scary "protestors" (rioters).... and all because of a leaked opinion. There hasn't even been any legislation. Yet, the people who haven't spoken a word about politics since BLM are now...
Published 05/06/22