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I FEEL LIKE WE'RE BACK IN 2020! The infographics are back, the buffoonery, the treating cops like crap, the scary "protestors" (rioters).... and all because of a leaked opinion. There hasn't even been any legislation. Yet, the people who haven't spoken a word about politics since BLM are now acting like their political junkies and concerned about peoples rights. No, these same people said nothing when small business owners lost their livlihoods to lockdowns. Oh, and Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage LETS GOSSIP. Grab a frappuccino for frappuccino Friday and BE UNCANCELLABLE.
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Published 06/10/22
It was NEVER about "acceptance and tolerance." It's ALWAYS been about forcing participation. This week we talk about how the rainbow cult ostracizes members from the rest of society. You'll often notice changes in behavior from your family members/friends who join, and many times they get...
Published 06/10/22
RUNNNNN, HIDEEEEE, IT'S PRIDE MONTHHHHHH LMFAOOOOOO The rainbow cult sells itself as being loving, tolerant, and inclusive. It draws people in by the glitters and sparkles it presents. It acts as though it's a place to find refuge, especially if you're a person who's been rejected their whole...
Published 06/01/22