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I just LOVEEEEEE how the left likes to make fun of us for caring about self defense, when meanwhile the only reason we have to defend ourselves is because THEY keep letting criminals out of prison. How about we send criminals to jail instead of living in the wild wild west? DEI (what I call DIE, Diversity, Inclusion, Equity) is finally coming to a head. Big corporations have been hiring people who bring NOTHING to the table simply because of how they look/who they sleep with. Well..... the numbers are in, and hiring people who don't help generate revenue ISNT EXACTLY A GREAT BUSINESS PLAN. Oh, and Elon Musk announced he's a republican and now the left is saying he's a predator LOL. GRAB A FRAPPUCCINO AND LETS GOSSIP SWEETIE. BE UNCANCELLABLE 
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Published 06/10/22
It was NEVER about "acceptance and tolerance." It's ALWAYS been about forcing participation. This week we talk about how the rainbow cult ostracizes members from the rest of society. You'll often notice changes in behavior from your family members/friends who join, and many times they get...
Published 06/10/22
RUNNNNN, HIDEEEEE, IT'S PRIDE MONTHHHHHH LMFAOOOOOO The rainbow cult sells itself as being loving, tolerant, and inclusive. It draws people in by the glitters and sparkles it presents. It acts as though it's a place to find refuge, especially if you're a person who's been rejected their whole...
Published 06/01/22