PRIDE IS A SIN (Exploring the Rainbow Cult)
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RUNNNNN, HIDEEEEE, IT'S PRIDE MONTHHHHHH LMFAOOOOOO The rainbow cult sells itself as being loving, tolerant, and inclusive. It draws people in by the glitters and sparkles it presents. It acts as though it's a place to find refuge, especially if you're a person who's been rejected their whole life. But it's anything but that. The rainbow world is full of brokenness and skewed concepts of love. It's a world of attempting to fill insecurities and traumas through unhealthy behavior. This alone makes it worthy of endless amounts of discussion, and hopefully draws some compassion out of you.  Grab an iced espresso and BE UNCANCELLABLE. 
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Published 06/10/22
It was NEVER about "acceptance and tolerance." It's ALWAYS been about forcing participation. This week we talk about how the rainbow cult ostracizes members from the rest of society. You'll often notice changes in behavior from your family members/friends who join, and many times they get...
Published 06/10/22
We're all heartbroken. Definitely a different tone and episode style this week. but nevertheless Uvalde was politicized immediately and we need to talk about. May God comfort every single one of the families in mourning. Be UNCANCELLABLE.
Published 05/27/22