How OG Crypto Artist Rhea Myers Sold a Never-Seen Artwork at Sotheby's
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Rhea Myers, artist, hacker, writer, and senior smart contract developer at Dapper Labs, has been making crypto art before NFTs were a thing. Check out this episode to learn about Rhea’s work as an OG crypto artist, why she believes concerns over NFT energy consumption are overblown, and how NFTs are changing the art world. Show highlights Rhea’s experience entering the crypto space what inspired her to make Bitcoin-based transaction art what blockchain art she was creating in 2014 how she helped Coin Artist create crypto puzzles what Rhea thinks about Cadence, the programming language for Flow what conceptual art and blockchain art have in common how Rhea minted her soul on a Dogecoin fork how Rhea came up with the idea of Secret Artwork (Content), which was recently sold at a Sotheby’s auction what cryptographic elements influenced Secret Artwork (Content) why Rhea was wrong about how the NFT industry would evolve why Rhea believes concerns over NFT energy usage are overblown how NFTs are changing the art world  what Rhea thinks about the NFT DAO movement what about NFTs make them so fascinating, in a legal sense, to Rhea   Read the sidebar — and see Rhea's artwork! If you'd like to see the art discussed in the show, be sure to check out the sidebar I wrote on Medium:   Thank you to our sponsors! Ledger: ​  Digital Asset Research:      Episode Links   Rhea Myers Twitter: Website:  LinkedIn: Example Art Secret Artwork (Content)  MYSOUL  Is Art  Proof Of Existence 2, 2014, Bitcoin Transaction  Art examples   Other Artists Rethinking the Blockchain (book)  Generative art (featuring Rhea Myers)  Blockade games + crypto puzzles ​​  Unchained Episode: What Exactly Do You Get When You Buy an NFT? Three Lawyers Discuss
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