S22 E5: Face the Music | "The Band Played On"
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A predatory music teacher has his day in court, and victims are there to watch. When Peter Hamer tried to reveal his secret decades ago, authorities failed to act. Now they're listening. But after so much time has passed, will this man go to prison? Will survivors get the answers they've been seeking? Listener discretion is advised.
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A last minute decision puts the trial on hold for another six months. Sheree's family is shocked, and Greg is still in jail. Why would Greg's lawyers want their client in jail longer, and why couldn't this case go ahead when others have? Meanwhile someone close to Sheree finally speaks up.
Published 11/27/23
Published 11/27/23
With the trial about to begin, Greg’s lawyer explains why he’s representing Greg even though he doesn’t trust or believe him. We explore which factors could decide the verdict. With Sheree still missing, her sisters ponder what they want from the trial.
Published 11/20/23