Reconciling Political & Religious Values with a Feminist Self-Concept: A Conversation with Advanced Certification in Feminist Coaching Graduates Judith Gaton and Simone Seol
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Feminist coaching isn’t just for radical leftists or people who identify as progressive. In today’s episode, you will meet two life coaches who graduated from my Advanced Certification in Feminist Coaching program and who identify as more politically and religiously conservative than I do. Tune into this podcast to find out how these coaches incorporated feminist principles into their coaching practices - and their lives - while remaining true to their personal beliefs (and how you can, too!)   Get full show notes and more information here:
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Published 12/02/21
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Published 12/02/21
Coaching is like magic when you’ve identified a “problem” and want help creating something new in your life. But what about the times that you genuinely, truly, cannot figure out what the f**k is going on with your brain? When you’re feeling angry, sad, or lost and you can’t pinpoint why for...
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