UFYB 93: Problem-Addiction
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Discover how you might be subconsciously desiring whatever problem you're facing. I'm sharing why this is actually normal and how you can start to solve it for good. Working through this is truly one of the keys to unlocking the possibilities of your own life, so come join us in The Clutch if you need more support on this topic! Get full show notes and more information here: http://unfuckyourbrain.com/93
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On this episode, I’m covering some really common themes that I see a lot. If you’re working on your social anxiety, if you’re struggling in your relationships, or having anxiety-producing thoughts in the middle of the night, this one is for you. Get full show notes and more information...
Published 09/12/19
Do you ever find yourself consciously committing to a new goal or habit and then failing at it? I think everyone can relate to, at some point or another, trying to do something new and it seemingly just not working out. This week, I’m introducing you to a concept I call unconscious commitments;...
Published 09/05/19
This week, I’m introducing you to a concept I first learned in yoga – beginner’s mind. I’m all about growth and evolution, and as humans, we naturally want to advance in anything we do. With that in mind, I’m delving into why learning to cultivate the beginner’s mind is crucial to actually...
Published 08/29/19