UFYB 120: Five Years of Thought Work Part 2: Family & Romantic Relationships
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Join me this week to see if you can identify with some of the limiting beliefs I was holding onto around family and romantic relationships, and see how you could free yourself of thoughts that aren’t serving you. Make sure to tune in next week as I dive into friendships and other social relationships too! Get full show notes and more information here: https://unfuckyourbrain.com/120
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Listen in this week as I show you how your brain creates mental habits, and how cognitive bias is a crucial element to understand in changing them. This concept is applicable everywhere in your life, at any time, and the two ways I’m offering to you today of how to prevent your cognitive bias...
Published 04/04/20
Join me this week as I break down what it means to want something, the fundamental motivation for why you want something if you have an unmanaged mind, and two exercises you can use to determine what you actually want. I’ll also be diving into how women especially use thought work against...
Published 04/02/20
In the midst of what feels like chaos and frenzy, most of us are seeking some stability and familiarity. Staying focused and productive in some area of your life and feeling connected to other people are two ways of doing this, and I’m offering my recommendations of how you can do this reasonably...
Published 04/01/20