Bringing attention into actions as the eightfold path’s core practice (from Eightfold Path 2), questions on concentration and attention, how meditation increases attention, and emotional energy.
Published 10/09/21
Published 10/09/21
Instruction in five-step method of releasing from Thich Naht Hanh based on bare attention and the four foundations of mindfulness
Published 09/07/21
Consequences of ignoring what arises from meditation; what is meant by sentient beings are infinite, I vow to save them all
Published 08/31/21
Questions on alcohol, pornography, and shame.
Published 08/24/21
Origins of Chö from the Diamond Sutra; Machik Labdron and Padampa Sangye; definition of Chö as creating difficult experiences and developing the ability to experience them completely
Published 08/17/21
Which form of meditation is recommended, using sounds or music during meditation, and interacting with people as a type of practice
Published 08/10/21
Questions on whether one tradition is better than another and what are the benefits to doing a three-year retreat.
Published 08/03/21
Questions on the relationship between idealism and pragmatism, vegetarianism, and monastic life.
Published 07/27/21
Three jewels, roots guru, empowerments
Published 07/20/21
Buddhism and creativity, reincarnation, mind having no beginning, and equanimity and manipulation
Published 07/13/21
Five skandhas, twelve sense fields, eighteen elements, twelve links, four truths, time.
Published 07/06/21
Tong len (taking and sending) and compassion
Published 06/29/21
Published 06/22/21
Published 06/15/21
Published 02/24/21
Published 02/17/21
Exploring the depth of interactions between teacher and student when conducted in a western consultant-client setting.
Published 12/22/20
Published 12/15/20
Published 12/08/20