Wednesday, July 10th, 2019
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We go to the U.S. southern border as new data shows apprehensions of those crossing illegally were lower in June. A judge in the Census citizenship case says the Trump administration can't change its team of lawyers. Also, why are Democrats calling for Labor Secretary Alex Acosta to resign?
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Public hearings start today in the impeachment inquiry. How will witness testimony play out before the cameras? Trump hosts Turkish President Erdogan at the White House. What do both leaders want from each other? And are Hong Kong protests entering a new, more violent phase?
Published 11/13/19
With public hearings in the impeachment inquiry set to start Wednesday, we examine the evidence: Do recently released testimonies indicate a presidential abuse of power?
Published 11/12/19
Young, undocumented immigrants march on Washington ahead of a landmark Supreme Court case. They're chanting "home is here." What's at stake for these DACA recipients? The impeachment investigation takes a different direction tomorrow. The inquiry goes public. Democrats want some of the key actors...
Published 11/12/19